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Are you suffering from insomnia and looking for the best CBD oil for sleep? Sleep deprivation is correlated to a higher risk of health concerns, including depression, heart disease, and weight gain. Over time, CBD has become an increasingly popular sleep aid that helps them get a restful night.

CBD products have many health benefits, including easing you into a peaceful sleep. The best CBD oil for sleep in Canada is CBDNorth, which offers high-quality products sourced from within the country.

Kanibi and KoiCBD are among the best CBD oils Canadians can buy. If you’re looking for a product with a longer shelf life, Mary + Wanda Oral Tincture is a good option.

In this article, we’ll discuss the CBD oils available and the ones best for sleep.

best cbd oil for sleep - mary + wanda

Types of CBD Oil

CBD is among the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant. It reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, helping to maintain balance and providing numerous benefits. Depending on the extraction method and cannabinoid content, CBD oils can be divided into three types.

1.  CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is among the purest forms of CBD and does not contain any other natural compound found in the plant. Through a complex extraction process, all plant compounds except CBD are removed. CBD isolates are usually 99% pure.

The most significant advantage of a CBD isolate is that it retains its potency even when mixed with other substances. It’s a good choice if you want to avoid consuming THC.

2.  Full Spectrum CBD

A full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the natural compounds in the plant, including CBD, THC, terpenes, and fatty acids. This whole plant extract is formulated so that none of the compounds are removed during the extraction process.

This CBD oil does contain THC, but it’s not enough to get you high. It’s better suited for people wanting to experience the entourage effect, and CBD and THC have more benefits when combined. Compared to an isolate, this oil is less refined and usually has an earthy taste.

3.  Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD sits somewhere between full spectrum oil and CBD isolate. It has all of the cannabinoids and chemical compounds found in cannabis except for THC. This means you can gain some of the benefits of the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is usually best for states where THC is illegal. However, finding a Broad-spectrum CBD oil is a little tricky compared to isolate and full-spectrum oil.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

The best CBD to help sleep would depend on your personal preference and lifestyle. But with so many products and manufacturers in the market, it can get tricky to choose one. So here we have listed out our recommendations for the best CBD for sleeping that you can use.

1.  Kanibi Nighttime Blend

Kanibi develops all of its CBD products with science-based technologies and transparency. The nighttime blend offered by the company consists of full-spectrum CBD. This means that it contains all the plant’s natural components, including THC.

The addition of CBN and terpenes makes this blend a good CBD oil for sleep. CBN is said to have some sedating effects that can improve your sleep. The entourage effect of this full spectrum blend provides a deeper sleep.

All of the product’s ingredients are sourced from the USA. The brand also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

2.  Mary + Wanda 1:1 Full Spectrum Tincture

When considering a longer shelf life for your products, a tincture is always better than oils. They are pretty similar in the benefits they offer. If you prefer a THC-heavy product, then Mary + Wanda tincture is one of the best choices. The company manufactures all its products in Canada and sources the plant from local farmers.

This tincture contains an equal blend of CBD and THC, offering a better entourage effect. In addition, it stimulates a deeper and more relaxing sleep. The Mary + Wanda tincture contains 150 mg of CBD and 150 mg of THC.

3.  Koi Naturals CBD Oil

Koi Naturals have designed a CBD oil that supports the balance of your mind and body. While promoting overall wellness, this oil also relaxes your mind and muscles. With this relaxation, you can get better along with sound sleep. It is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract, which features naturally occurring CBD and native cannabinoids.

The oil does not contain any THC. However, due to the other natural cannabinoids, you might experience a limited entourage effect. The oil is available in four strengths – 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg.

best cbd oil for sleeping - mary + wanda

4.  Mary + Wanda 20:1 Full Spectrum tincture

This tincture is best if you want to gain the benefits of the entourage effect but do not want to consume too much THC. The Mary + Wanda tincture is the best CBD oil for sleep, curated with all-natural ingredients. It is a light tincture that would help you relax and sleep better with a stress-free mind.

Given the transparency and testing, Mary + Wanda sources cannabis from local licensed growers. The products are also tested in a third-party lab to ensure quality. This tincture contains 300 mg of CBD and just 15 mg of THC.

5.  Mary + Wanda 4:1 Full Spectrum tincture

When looking for the best CBD for sleeping, you can never go wrong with a balanced, full-spectrum product. You need CBD, THC, and CDN compounds in your oil to get better sleep. Mary + Wanda tincture offers a balanced blend of components that can stimulate deeper sleep.

The blend is made from all-natural, homegrown, and high-quality ingredients and offers a balanced entourage effect. It contains 300 mg of CBD and 75 mg of THC. This means you can benefit from the effects of THC without consuming too much.

Best CBD Oil For Sleep Takeaway

Sleep is essential for maintaining your overall health. If you have insomnia or disturbed sleep, you can take help from a supplement. CBD oil can help you relax your mind and ease into slumber. Different types of oils are available in the market, depending on your preference.

When you want to target sleep, we recommend choosing a full-spectrum or a broad-spectrum oil. While considering the best CBD oil for sleep, you should choose one from a renowned Canadian manufacturer, like Mary + Wanda.

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