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When it comes to pain management CBD has the potential to bring much-needed respite. According to clinical research, CBD-containing topical solutions such as creams, balms, and gels can help relieve pain caused by illnesses such as arthritis, nerve damage, and muscular pains. Check out the best CBD cream for pain.

CBD is one of the most developing markets today, and it is really fast, rising because of the companies that are producing CBD products for the people. The cannabidiol cream, oil, vapes and other products are most popular among young adults and elderly people, or people who usually use marijuana. People who use CBD claim that it helps them with mental problems, anxiety, pain relief etc.

Professional athletes from football, basketball, and a variety of other sports use CBD, especially topicals, and they use them on a daily basis. Topical CBD treatments have proven an excellent over-the-counter relief for achy muscles and spasms, especially when compared to taking daily CBD.

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How it works

CBD, when absorbed via the skin, helps with inflammation and joint discomfort, so if those are typical symptoms for you, topical CBD may be a good option. Although CBD is a growing trend among consumers, it is also a burgeoning sector among entrepreneurs. As a result, competition for who is worth your money is at an all-time high.

Because CBD pain relief topicals are great to aid with a variety of symptoms, understanding what you’re putting on your skin is critical to ensure that you not only get correct therapy but also do not expose yourself to any dangerous substances. Even if there is no threat of undesired elements in your CBD topical, purchasing a faulty product might result in a significant loss of money and effort.

Furthermore, it creates skepticism in the CBD sector, causing many first-timers to quit before finding the medication that is best for them. That’s why we recommend you Mary + Wanda products who are trustworthy.

Here are some of the best CBD cream for pain that we recommend:

Does CBD cream help with pain?

CBD studies into its muscle spasms properties is still in its beginning stages. Additionally, there has been some proof that topical CBD medications, such as lotions, may aid with a range of pain feelings, such as:

Inflammation conditions such as arthritis

According to a 2016 animal study source, using dermal CBD can help with joint problems discomfort and inflammation.

Pain in the nerves

A recent research published in 2020 investigated the benefits of topical CBD oil on pain. Many participants in the trial, all of whom had nerve injury, reported lower pain levels. They experienced a decrease in severe, strong, chilly, and itching discomfort feelings.

Facial ache

A recent 2019 small study investigated at how dermal CBD could help with a specific type of face discomfort that affects the jaw. The study discovered that those who used topical CBD around twice a day felt much-reduced pain after two weeks.

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Pros and cons of CBD arthritis cream


  • CBD is typically safe for the majority of people.
  • There seems to be minimal evidence that cannabis can help with chronic pain.
  • CBD may help alleviate symptoms like pain, anxiety, and insomnia.


  • CBD may have an interaction with some other drugs.
  • CBD can produce tiredness, vomiting, and constipation as adverse effects.
  • There seem to be no specific recommendations for determining an efficient and safe dose.

Is CBD suitable for you?

CBD usage is already becoming increasingly popular in Canada. A 2022 Survey found that one-third of individuals in Canada had been using CBD in the previous two years, with some utilizing it to self-medicate health concerns.

CBD, unfortunately, is not a replacement for the medicine that people with arthritis may also need to take. Consumers should still consult with a health professional prior to taking Cannabis oil to verify that the product will not interfere with any existing prescription or nonprescription medicines or health issues.

Here are some of the best CBD cream for pain that we recommend:

Risks and side effects

Many CBD distributors are claiming that their CBD pain-relief products have no negative effects, and that is a huge red flag because that is so not true at all. CBD, like any other product on the market, is containing medical components that could very likely have negative effects.

CBD may interact with immunosuppressive medicines, which are common for transplant and chemotherapy patients. Also, CBD has the potential to exacerbate the anticoagulant effects of Warfarin in persons taking the medicine. Amiodarone, Levothyroxine, and seizure drugs such as Clobazam, Lamotrigine, and Valproate can also to cause severe responses.

However topical forms of CBD accumulate lower quantities of CBD in the circulation than inhaled or edible forms, they are less likely to interact with such medicines. Unfortunately, there is no way to really know how much CBD goes in by topical treatments, therefore the possibility of responses remains.

CBD can cause serious side effects such as liver damage, oversedation, suicidal ideation, and allergic responses and that can be very serious. CBD consumption can potentially impair renal function and result in anemia.

Also the majority of CBD consumers have reported moderate negative effects. And these include drowsiness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, general malaise, rash, insomnia, or poor sleep quality. However, these are mild symptoms and usually pass quickly.

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Taking CBD oils or edibles for pain

The method of administration may influence the efficacy of CBD for pain relief. However, data on the effectiveness of these various approaches is still developing. Also, the majority of research focuses on medical marijuana rather than THC-free hemp-based products which are bad.

The available data indicates that the concentration of CBD is important for treating chronic pain. However keep in mind that CBD doses of less than 15 mg do not give pain relief, but also the quantity required varies from person to person.

CBD oils put under the tongue are thought to be especially helpful due to their high concentration. Edibles, on the other hand, are absorbed through the digestive tract and take longer to take action, that’s why they are not very recommended. Pain relief might take up to two hours to arrive. However, foods can have longer-lasting effects than oils. Thanks for checking out the best CBC cream for pain.

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FAQs about the Best CBD Cream for Pain

Can CBD only be bought through a prescription?

Cannabinoids were once illegal and not available in pharmacies. Although, now that it is legal, you may purchase a variety of CBD in both online and offline locations. You don’t need a prescription to buy this kind of product, however, some pharmacies may want proof of your age.

Are creams better than tinctures or capsules?

This depends on what kind of disease or health problems you are struggling with and your expectations from the CBD product. Although CBD oils and candies work quickly, Cannabidiol creams for pain relief are considerably safer and soak into the skin within a few minutes.
A prevalent misperception is that this medication is reserved for pro athletes. That, unfortunately, is not the case. This substance may provide relief to anyone suffering from persistent discomfort or damaged skin.

What is the best way to use CBD creams?

Cannabinoids are common substances that act together to relieve feelings of anxiety, inflammation, as well as other difficulties. The CBD cream is absorbed by the skin. Just use a tiny amount of the lotion immediately to the discomfort region and massage it all into the skin.
Those first consumers make the mistake of diluting the cream, which is unnecessary because it is gentle enough to apply directly to the affected area. Because of the inclusion of peppermint or other essential oils in the medication, you may get either a cold or heating sensation. This tingly feeling, unfortunately, fades after some time.
So, just wait for the product to absorb, and if you have any type of unusual reaction to the skin you can contact your doctor. 

How does CBD work for pain relief?

It’s quite unclear how CBD actually relieves pain. Scientists believe it works by blocking inflammatory chemicals in the body, which dulls pain feelings such as tingling and burning which could be true. These sensations are common in neuropathy patients.
According to certain ideas, CBD could possibly interact with CB2 receptors in the immune system. These receptors are in charge of the pain and inflammatory responses. This sort of pain response has been linked to fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine, back and muscular discomfort, and multiple sclerosis.

How long will it take to feel relaxed?

CBD products could take 10 minutes and even up to an hour to take effect. The effects persist between two and six hours on average, but it depends on a number of circumstances too. CBD is fat-soluble, which means that it is kept in fat cells. This shows that body fat can influence its activity. Also, CBD dose and frequency of usage have an impact on its efficacy.
So when you take CBD on a daily basis, the benefits are much stronger than when you only use it occasionally. However, CBD topical treatments relieve pain nearly immediately in the region of application.
And because of its quick-acting qualities, a lot of people prefer this route of administration. Also, keep in mind that CBD topical effects might last up to six hours.