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Suppose you are suffering from pain while training; you should look for the best CBD cream for athletes. They can significantly add to your everyday routine, helping you eliminate muscle stress and pain. CBD creams have become quite popular among runners and cyclists.

CBD creams can be an excellent option for athletes looking to get rid of muscle soreness and dry skin. The best CBD cream for athletes in Canada is Mary + Wanda Pain Relief cream.

CBDNorth, CBD2Heal, and Plant of Life are among the best CBD creams Canadians can buy for athletes. These creams are all natural ingredients and curated to soothe aches and pains.

With more and more athletes switching to a natural pain-relieving method, the demand for CBD creams has risen in the market. This article will discuss cannabidiol and the best CBD cream for athletes in Canada.

best cbd cream for athletes in canada - mary and wanda

What Are CBD Creams?

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, which is known for promoting relaxation. It helps you get rid of muscle soreness and inflammation. CBD is extracted from these plants and is added to carrier oil. This CBD oil is then added to a cream that you can topically apply to promote healing.

A CBD cream can be directly applied onto the skin by the athletes protecting it from any damage. These creams would further be absorbed by your muscles and offer pain relief. The best CBD topical for athletes would help them with minor training injuries.

Best CBD Cream for Athletes

As the demand for CBD products continues to grow in the country, many manufacturers have begun curating niche products. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best CBD cream for athletes that Canadians can buy.

1.  Mary + Wanda Pain Relief Cream – Serious Citrus

Mary + Wanda is a leading Canadian manufacturer that curates multiple CBD products. All of the products offered by the company are made from full-spectrum CBD oil. This makes these products much more potent. Each Mary + Wanda pain relief cream pack contains 120 mg of CBD oil, which can be applied topically to the affected area.

The Serious Citrus pain relief cream targets athletes with sore and achy muscles. This makes Mary + Wanda the best CBD cream for athletes. Besides CBD oil, the cream includes aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin E, and sunflower oil. These natural ingredients prevent your skin from drying up.

2.  CBDNorth Body Balm

​CBD pain relief creams offered by CBDNorth are made from natural ingredients. These body balms are designed to relieve body pain and inflamed muscles made from hemp grown in Canada by local farmers. The best thing about these CBD creams is that they don’t contain THC. This makes them suitable for people who’re hesitant to use CBD for religious reasons.

Handcrafted in British Columbia, this all-natural CBD cream is effective for pain relief and skin nourishment. This makes CBDNorth the overall best CBD topical for athletes that do not contain any THC.

best cbd topical for athletes - mary and wanda

3.  Mary + Wanda Pain Relief Cream – Wild Lavender

Mary + Wanda is a premium Canadian manufacturer that offers full-spectrum CBD products with various medical benefits. Their pain relief cream is excellent for athletes looking for full-spectrum products. Along with joint inflammation, the Mary + Wanda pain relief cream helps soothe sore and achy muscles.

Apart from the anti-inflammatory effects of the cream, it has a complete terpene profile. This makes the cream suitable for athletes suffering from skin issues. Active athletes usually suffer from dry and chafed skin. This cream would help you eliminate it by moisturizing the upper barrier. It is the best CBD cream for athletes seeking hydration and pain relief.

4.  CBD2HEAL Salve

The cream offered by CBD2HEAL is best suited for athletes suffering from chronic pain. It is one of the most trusted Canadian brands that offer high-quality yet affordable CBD products. The healing salve is made of plant-based organic ingredients and is best used for joint and muscle pain.

This CBD cream is available in four different dosages and includes 99% pure CBD isolate. The company gets their testing certificate from third-party labs to ensure that the products adhere to the highest standards. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. CBD2HEAL is one of the best CBD creams for athletes suffering from chronic pain.

How to Use CBD Creams

CBD creams are amongst the most discreet ways of using cannabidiol. Not everyone is comfortable with vaping; therefore, cream or salves can be the perfect option. They work by targeting the exact muscle that is inflamed or sore.

You can use CBD creams just like a normal pain relieving cream. These creams can be applied to the affected area. You would then need to massage them for a minute or two, ensuring that your skin absorbs them. Most of the creams you use, including the Mary + Wanda, will give you proper dosage instructions.

If you’re new to the CBD world, we recommend you start with a small amount. You can increase your dosage as you get more acquainted with how CBD works for your body. The best CBD cream for athletes would be something that suits all skin types.

While most pain relieving creams would not have any side effects, it is always recommended to conduct a patch test first. You can apply the cream to a small area to check for irritation or red spots. If you do not have any adverse reaction, you can use more of it on the affected area.

best cbd cream for athletes - mary and wanda

Best CBD Cream for Athletes Conclusion

CBD is an all-natural, anti-inflammatory supplement that is well-suited for the therapeutic needs of an athlete. Cannabidiol works in synergy with other systems in your body and alleviates muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Preliminary research was conducted in 2020, suggesting that CBD creams are best suited for post-workout relief. These creams promote the healing of skeletal injuries, protect against inflammation, and help relieve any stress and anxiety. This boosts the athlete’s mental performance during any physical activity.

Athletes looking for an all-natural aid for their recovery consider CBD a supplement. The best CBD cream for athletes alleviates soreness, provides pain relief, and aids them in their recovery.

FAQs about the Best CBD Cream for Athletes

Is it better to take CBD before or after a workout?

This is dependent on your goals, just like taking CBD before a workout. If you’re looking into CBD to help you sleep better or relax your muscles, it may be preferable to use it after your workout. As previously said, consuming CBD before a workout may be a smart option if you want to attempt to nip post-exercise recovery in the bud before you ever hit the gym.

How does CBD assist in athletic recovery?

Many people praise CBD for its numerous benefits, with CBD sports rehabilitation leading the way. This hemp phytocannabinoid is being studied for its influence on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which maintains your body’s equilibrium from head to toe.
This is because CBD affects the receptors that comprise your ECS, causing a ripple effect that modifies a variety of processes in your body that impact workout recovery. Here are the steps that CBD can assist you in Muscle healing, better sleeping, more energy, and helping you with anxiety.

How much CBD should I ingest before and after a workout?

The quantity of CBD you should consume varies per individual. Everyone has a distinct tolerance and experience with CBD, and it may affect, them differently. That is a lengthy way of stating that there is no one-size-fits-all amount for everyone.
Begin with a little amount of the best CBD cream for athletes and gradually increase your dosage. 5mg should be enough. After about one hour, assess how you feel. If you believe you require more, take another 5mg. You’ll eventually develop a tolerance to CBD and may need to take more to feel its effects.

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