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Sourcing the best CBD oil for your needs can be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never tried a CBD product before and aren’t sure where to begin.

The best CBD oils are those that meet quality product and processing standards. They’re pure, potent, and produced by companies that operate with integrity and transparency. We selected our favourite CBD oils based on the benefits for the user. And our best CBD oils include Penguin, Verma Farms, Spruce, and cbdMD CBD oils, to name a few.

Discover the best CBD oil on the market in Canada, the different types available, how they work, & what to consider when selecting the best CBD oil. We’ll go over a list of the best CBD oils and providers on the market in Canada.

But before we dive into our list of the best CBD oils in Canada, let’s explore the ins and outs of CBD oils. We’ll discuss the different types of oils, how they work, and the benefits users can expect.

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What is CBD Oil?

First, let’s discuss CBD itself. CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. In fact, it’s one of many compounds present in the plant but is considered one of the most beneficial.

Lots of people around the world have experienced the many health benefits. A main use of CBD is for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and much more.

CBD oil comprises CBD extracted from the cannabis plant. This extract combines with an oil that acts as an agent for delivering the CBD. Common oils used for CBD oil are hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

These oils are available in various strengths depending on the amount and intensity of CBD extract added. And many CBD oils are now available in different flavours.

This is because you eat the oil so it can sometimes taste unpleasant. With different flavours now on the market, CBD oil has become much easier and more pleasant for most people to consume.

Standard consumption methods include placing a drop or two under the tongue or in a glass of water. You can buy oils in small quantities because you do not need to use much with each dose. Therefore, a little goes a long way.

The mixture is highly concentrated, even at its lowest strength. Therefore, you only need to use a couple of drops per day to reap its rewards. CBD oil comes in small bottles with a dropper attached to the top. This makes it much easier to control the dosage.

As mentioned, other compounds are found in the cannabis plant, many of which are also beneficial. And some CBD oils may contain these compounds in addition to the CBD extract. Therefore, these oils are available in variants based on their active ingredients.

The Different Types of CBD Oils

There are three primary types of CBD oils. And the ingredients present in the oil determines which of these categories it belongs to.

CBD oils can be divided into the following categories: CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, or broad-spectrum CBD. Let’s look at each to understand what differentiates one from the other.

CBD Isolate

If your CBD oil is a CBD isolate, it is the purest form on the market in Canada. A CBD isolate oil contains no other compounds, and the only active ingredient is CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD

If your CBD oil’s label says “full-spectrum CBD”, it means that the oil contains a host of phytochemicals present in the cannabis plant. Therefore, it will contain CBD, and there will also be traces of THC in the oil.

THC is the compound found in the cannabis plant responsible for producing a high. However, when it comes to CBD oils, THC levels are very minimal.

In fact, by law, the maximum THC level permissible in a CBD oil is 0.3%. This minute amount is not enough to cause a high. However, its presence in the oil does come with some benefits in assisting with pain management, anxiety, and more.

Apart from CBD and THC, the oil also contains terpenes, oils, and cannabinoids.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

When it comes to broad-spectrum CBD, you’ll find it is very similar to full-spectrum CBD. The only difference is that this mixture doesn’t include THC. Or, at least, that’s the goal.

Most broad-spectrum CBD oils contain no THC at all. However, some may contain trace elements thereof.

How CBD Oil Works

You may be surprised to know that cannabis itself was used for medicinal purposes as far back as 2000 years ago in China. In those days, they would apply the leaves of the cannabis plant to wounds and injuries. And this would help to reduce bruising, swelling, and pain.

The healing properties of the cannabis plant have been evident to many for years. However, medical science has only recently picked up on it, especially in the West.

In 1992, scientists became aware of the endocannabinoid system present in the human body. This system comprises receptors and hormones essential for the functioning of vital processes in the body. These include regulating inflammation, pain, stress, and more.

The cannabinoids produced in the cannabis plant behave similarly to the hormones in our endocannabinoid systems. Therefore, we know that taking CBD introduces the hormones needed to enhance its performance.

Therefore, CBD is beneficial for so many ailments and conditions.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil

The following are just a few of the conditions that CBD can assist with:

  • Increases appetite
  • Boosts immune function
  • Enhances memory
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Assists in managing psychiatric disorders
  • Reduces stress
  • Minimizes pain and inflammation
  • Improves reproductive health
  • Moderates nerve function
  • Enables sleep
  • Reduce high blood pressure

CBD has also alleviated certain skin conditions such as acne and eczema. And some have even used it to successfully treat seizures associated with epilepsy.

By taking CBD oil droplets, you assist your endocannabinoid system in reducing the symptoms associated with these and other conditions.

But the two main reasons people used CBD today are to manage anxiety and pain. The following are just a few of the conditions associated with pain that suffers take CBD for:

  • Sciatica
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Neuropathic Pain

It’s important to note that CBD is perfectly safe if you stick to the recommended dosage and guidelines.

Something else to note is that different CBD products contain different strengths. And you can tell the strength based on by the extraction method or the plant itself. Therefore, beware that some CBD products may be more effective than others.

What are the Best CBD Oils?

There is a myriad of CBD products on the market today. This can make finding the best CBD oils for your needs a little overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, such as strength, price, and other compounds present. And this makes it difficult to know where to begin.

It’s also essential to ensure your CBD oil has been produced by an accredited manufacturer. Knowing where your product comes from plays a significant role in trusting that it is safe to use.

This section of our blog post will discuss the best CBD oils available. We’ll look at the best oils for specific conditions and then detail some of the best brands on the market.

But first, let’s delve into the criteria we used to compile this list for you.

The Criteria for Choosing the Best CBD Oils

The products and brands listed below must meet specific requirements. The last thing we want to do is recommend sub-standard CBD oils to our readers. This is why we compiled a list of criteria that each product had to abide by.

The following are the primary criteria with which we judged and rated the best CBD oils:

Knowing that the product comes from a reputable brand is paramount. So, we analyzed customer reviews for all the brands we considered. Therefore, all the products listed have been tested and approved by members of the public.

It’s just as essential to ensure that the product achieves the result it claims to achieve. Therefore, part of our investigations included sourcing as much feedback as possible on the efficacy of each product.

Determining where the CBD for the oil is derived from tells us about its quality. It also indicates the conditions under which the hemp is grown. So, we discovered exactly where the hemp for each product was sourced from.

The products were also classed according to the compounds present in the CBD extracted from the plant. Therefore, we identified which were CBD isolates, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD.

THC Levels

We also made a point of determining the level of THC contained in each product.

Another critical factor to check is whether the brand has adequately tested its products, as the law requires. A third-party laboratory should test all CBD products to ensure unbiased results. The laboratory should meet industry standards and provide a full report of its findings. The company selling the CBD product should then make this report available to the public through their website.

The company manufacturing the CBD products must use facilities that meet specific standards. In fact, the FDA provides a set of regulations by which to assess the standards of these facilities. And we made sure that the products mentioned below were manufactured in this way.

It’s also essential to make sure that the brand you’re purchasing from provides as much information as possible to its customers. In other words, we made sure that all the pros, cons, benefits, and warnings related to using CBD were mentioned on their website. And that they provided links to studies to substantiate any claims they may have made.

Another vital piece of information the brand should provide is the recommended dosage for each product. So, we check that the dosage detailed is in line with the industry norms. And we checked to see if they provide detailed instructions and disclaimers for each.

The Best CBD Oils

After ensuring that the products met our above criteria, we tested them. And, based on those tests, we’ve determined the best CBD oils in different categories.

We’ve done it this way because people look to CBD oils as an option to treat many different conditions. And others prefer their oils to meet specific requirements. Therefore, listing the best CBD oils per category allows individuals to select the right oil for their needs.

1. Best Full-Spectrum: Mary + Wanda Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

Mary + Wanda is fast becoming one of Canada’s most prominent CBD brands. The company produces premium full-spectrum CBD products only. And offer a range of oils, topicals, balms, and more.

Their full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is popular amongst their customers. It is said to be highly effective in relieving a host of ailments.

All Mary + Wanda product ingredients are sourced locally in British Columbia, Canada. The company believes in supporting its community by using local businesses for various needs. These include growers and testing facilities.

Mary + Wanda products are adequately tested in line with industry regulations. And provide customers with a detailed dosage chart and usage guidelines on their website.

The company believes that full-spectrum products are the most effective. This is based on scientific evidence suggesting that CBD extracts containing additional compounds have more health benefits.

As such, their products contain healthy levels of CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Their products also contain low levels of THC, which aid in increasing the efficacy of their products.

The Mary + Wanda full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is available in four strengths up to 2400 mg to suit your needs. And it is available in raspberry or lemon-lime flavour.

2. Best High-Quality: Penguin CBD Oil

It should be said that Penguin CBD oils are certainly not the cheapest. They do, however, offer superior quality oils compared to most other brands. This is why we’ve chosen Penguin CBD oil as our best high-quality CBD oil.

The CBD used by the company is sourced from a farm that does not use pesticides. And the CBD is extracted using the carbon dioxide method. This extraction method is best for preserving the essential components needed for an effective CBD product.

It should be noted that the oil present in Penguin CBD oil is MCT oil. While some do not feel the oil is suitable for CBD, many have found their products effective. And there are a host of nutritionists who support the use of MCT oil as a healthier alternative to other oils.

Penguin CBD oil can be purchased in a small variety of flavours, including a cookies and cream flavour. They also offer four different levels of potency. And their products are THC-free and perfectly safe for use by vegans and those on a gluten-free diet.

For a CBD oil that’s pure and powerful, Penguin broad-spectrum CBD oil is the best available.

3. Best Tasting: Verma Farms CBD Oil

While the quality of the Verma Farms CBD oil is excellent, we are most impressed by the taste of their oil. And we’re not referring to flavoured CBD oils here. We’re talking about the natural, unflavoured CBD oil itself.

As many are aware, plain CBD oil isn’t exactly the most fantastic tasting liquid on the planet. This is why many people place drops in water or another drink rather than dropping them under the tongue.

However, Verma Farms seems to have done the impossible by making a CBD oil that tastes great. Perhaps it has something to do with their harvesting methods. Because they sustainably farm their hemp and pride themselves on using organic ingredients.

Verma Farms produces CBD oils focused on improving cognitive functioning and concentration. And they also offer products to reduce stress and help to relax individuals.

If you’re looking for a great-tasting, high-quality oil, Verma Farms’ broad-spectrum CBD oils are the best.

4. Best High-Potency: Spruce CBD Oil Tincture

Spruce is a well-known brand in the CBD world. And the company’s quality product range is beloved across the US and Canada. One of the primary drawcards is the remarkable strength of their CBD oils.

Another is that the CBD and the oil used to deliver it are both organic. Their products can also be used by vegans and are suitable for gluten-free diets.

However, Spruce’s full-spectrum CBD oil has become synonymous with being highly effective and fast-acting. Which makes it a popular choice for those needing quick relief from their respective ailments.

Spruce uses organic hemp seed oil as the medium for holding and delivering CBD. And their products contain zero artificial ingredients, such as sweeteners or preservatives. Despite not having any added sweeteners or flavours, the oil tastes pretty good.

The secret to the Spruce full-spectrum CBD oil’s potency is the high concentration levels of compounds present. These include terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. This oil also contains impressive levels of antioxidants, adding to its list of benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a fast-acting and potent CBD oil, Spruce full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is the way to go.

5. Best Broad-Spectrum: cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture

While there are many broad-spectrum CBD oils on this list, we decided to include a category showcasing the best one overall. The others on the list are the best CBD oils in their category. However, we believe that cbdMD CBD oil tincture is the best broad-spectrum CBD oil on the whole.

Many will recognize the cbdMD brand, as it is a prominent role player in the industry. And with good reason, as the company produces fantastic quality CBD products.

In addition, they pride themselves on sourcing ingredients from top-quality locations. And they ensure that all ingredient testing is above board, fully documented, and accessible to the public.

cbdMD uses MCT oil as its delivery agent, which, as mentioned above, comes with its own health benefits. The oil also contains 0.0% THC, which many prefer. And you’ll find their broad-spectrum CBD oil available in mint, berry, and orange flavours.

If it’s an excellent quality CBD oil you’re after at an affordable price, then cbdMD’ broad-spectrum CBD oil tincture may be the product for you.

6.  Most Affordable: Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

Perhaps you’re new to using CBD and are looking for the best CBD oil to dip your toes into the water. One of the elements you may consider when first trying CBD is to start with a lower-strength oil.

Another is the price, as you’d obviously like to test different types of CBD oils before committing to just one.

Bluebird Botanicals broad-spectrum CBD oil is a great place to start. The product is available at a super low price compared to other CBD products. And they offer lower potency options for beginners who are still testing CBD oils.

One of the other great things about the Bluebird Botanicals oils is that they’re available in a wide variety of natural flavours. This makes it far easier for someone who is not yet used to the taste of CBD oil to get started.

Bluebird Botanicals broad-spectrum CBD oil does contain trace elements of THC. However, the level of THC is so minimal that it will not affect the user. They also use sugar-free sweeteners in their CBD oils to enhance the flavour.

Their most exciting flavours include margarita, hibiscus rose, and watermelon. But we highly recommend the lemon drop flavour as our personal favourite.

For the beginner CBD user, purchasing the cost-effective, low potency Bluebird Botanicals broad-spectrum CBD oil would be a great start.

7.  Best Value: R+R Medicinals CBD Oil Tincture

While we’ve already discussed the most affordable CBD oil, we’ve also included a section for the best value CBD oil. In other words, not necessarily the cheapest CBD oil but the best-priced oil for an optimal level of quality.

One of the best CBD oils for value for money is the R+R Medicinals’ full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. Despite being a somewhat new brand, the company is making great strides in the industry. And their products are impressive CBD customers across Canada and the US.

One of the primary reasons for their success is the precision carbon dioxide extraction method used to obtain CBD. Their approach is believed to be strict and thorough. And, as a result, the levels of medicinal compounds present in their products are of the highest standard.

The result is that their products are highly effective. The impact of which is said to be long-lasting due to all the other beneficial compounds. R+R Medicinals even offers a 30-day guarantee on all its products. This means that if you don’t find it effective, you can return it within 30-days for a refund.

Another positive is that their products are USDA-certified organic, which means no pesticides or harmful chemicals are present. You can choose between the unflavoured version or a fresh mint flavour, which is very popular among their customers.

We recommend that the R+R Medicinals CBD Oil Tincture is the best CBD oil in value. And it’s available in three different strengths to suit your needs.

8. Best High Terpene Content: Colorado Botanicals CBD Oil

Colorado Botanicals is another renowned brand in the CBD space, with good reason. This company places a great deal of focus on its purification process to preserve the natural terpenes present.

The average CBD product manufacturer removes fats, chlorophyll, and other unwanted elements from the CBD extract with heat. However, this heat can harm the quality of the CBD as it eliminates certain compounds. And terpene is one of the compounds this process removes.

On the other hand, Colorado Botanicals uses a chemical separation process that does not harm the natural terpenes. However, this process does ensure that all traces of THC are removed from the product.

But why are terpenes important? When combined with cannabinoids, they enhance the activity of the receptors in the brain. These receptors increase the speed and intensity at which the CBD product reaches the affected area of the body. In other words, terpenes make the effect of CBD in the product more robust.

In addition, the company operates with complete transparency making all product tests available to the public. All tests appear to be as per the regulations and performed to the highest standards.

Along with a 60-day money-back guarantee, all of this makes the Colorado Botanicals broad-spectrum CBD oil a great choice. We recommend the peppermint flavoured variety.

9. Best Organic: Absolute Nature CBD Oil

Ethical business practices are at the forefront of Absolute Nature’s vision. This is one reason why we’ve chosen them as the best organic CBD oil. They pride themselves on operating with complete transparency and clearly put their customers first.

This is evident from the discounts and assistance to customers who desperately need CBD for medicinal purposes. And it’s also made clear by the prominent display of laboratory tests done on every product.

In fact, Absolute Nature was awarded the title of “best all-natural CBD products” by the GHP in 2019, 2020, and 2021. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve selected their full-spectrum CBD oil as our top organic oil.

This whole-plant CBD oil contains coconut oil as its delivery agent. And it is, of course, certified as organic by the USDA. The Absolute Nature full-spectrum CBD oil doesn’t appear to come in different flavours. However, it is available in three different strengths.

We recommend the 1000 g full-spectrum CBD oil. It provides a highly effective organic CBD oil at a reasonable price.

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10. Best for Pain Management: Royal CBD Oil

While Royal CBD is still one of the new kids on the block, they’re already making waves with patients requiring assistance for pain. They may not have as much experience in the industry as many other CBD companies, but they indeed are dedicated.

The company oversees the entire manufacturing process, from grower to bottle. And they do not outsource the management of these processes to anyone else. This way, they always ensure the highest level of quality control.

Royal employs a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process. And as such, no harmful toxins are present, as the process eliminates the need to use solvents. The care taken throughout this process ensures that the oil is as pure and potent as possible.

The Royal full-spectrum CBD oil comes with three different strengths up to 2500 mg. And the product is priced well when compared to others on the market.

Customers have reported experiencing relief from chronic pain after using the Royal full-spectrum CBD oil. And some have said it only took a week are two to feel the full effects of the oil working it’s magic.

If you’re looking for an effective pain management CBD oil, the Royal full-spectrum CBD oil is highly recommended.

If you’ve never used CBD oil before, it may be worth trying the 1000 mg strength oil at the start. However, we found Royal’s 2500 mg strength oil to be the most effective for chronic pain.

11. Best for Sleep: Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

For most, the Charlotte’s Web brand needs no introduction. And for those who don’t know, the way their first CBD oil came to be, was highly publicized. In fact, this remarkable product was initially created to help treat a young girl named Charlotte. She was prone to intense seizures, which sparked the need to create this CBD oil.

Since then, Charlotte’s Web has become synonymous with excellent quality CBD with a low THC content. The company has been featured on CNN and in the New York Times. And they’re probably one of the best-known brands on the CBD market.

Granted, their CBD oils are certainly not the least expensive available. However, they are highly effective, organic, full-spectrum oils from a reputable company.

Again, here’s a company that believes in transparency and integrity in everything it does. Therefore, all laboratory test results are made public, and everything they sell is tested. As such, their products meet all the FDA requirements and follow the required regulations to the tee.

We recommend trying their 17 mg CBD per 1mg oil if sleep eludes you. And you have four flavours to choose from, including mint chocolate, orange blossom, lemon twist, and olive oil. The company even offers a subscription service at a 20% discount, which is a great deal.

We recommend Charlotte’s Web full-spectrum CBD oil for a good night’s sleep for relief from insomnia.

12. Best for Anxiety: CBD North THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate

Many CBD experts believe that either a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil is best. They don’t often recommend CBD isolates because they don’t contain the other compounds that can enhance the effects of the CBD.

However, that’s not to say that a pure CBD product is ineffective. Let’s not forget that the most potent and beneficial component in the cannabis plant is CBD. Therefore, in higher strengths, pure CBD can be highly beneficial.

In addition, without the other compounds, especially the THC, there is less likelihood of you feeling sluggish or tired. These are potential side effects of CBD products that contain low levels of THC.

This brings us to our favourite CBD oil for anxiety. CBD North ticks all the boxes in terms of the quality of its CBD oils. All the ingredients they use are sourced locally in Canada, and they’re 100% natural.

The company also has all its products tested, as required by law. And the results of these tests can be viewed on their website. It should be noted that they use MCT oil with the CBD, which has additional health benefits.

One of the great things about CBD North is that they strive to make CBD products accessible to everyone. They, therefore, offer significant discounts to low-income households to ensure that they can also reap the benefits of their products.

CBD North’s THC-free CBD oil isolate has excellent calming abilities making it the perfect choice for anxiety sufferers. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the 1000 mg or 2000 mg strength.

13. Best Vegan: Spruce Lab Grade CBD Oil

As a vegan, you want to ensure that the products you purchase are manufactured ethically. And that includes steering clear of companies that test products on animals or exploit them in any way.

You need to be sure that the processes used to make the product don’t include animals or animal products. And you want to know that none of the ingredients are derived from animals.

It’s also essential that products are grown, sourced, stored, and transported in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. If these elements are essential to you, then Spruce’s lab-grade CBD oil is for you.

This is a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains organic hemp seed oil as its agent. This oil only comes in two strengths which are 750 mg and 2400 mg. So, if you’re using CBD oils for the first time, we recommend that you try the 750 mg oil first.

The 750 mg strength variant comes in a peppermint flavour, and the high potency one is not flavoured. Their 750 mg strength CBD oil is by far the most popular and has received a myriad of five-star reviews.

The Spruce full-spectrum lab-grade CBD oil can be used for conditions such as pain relief, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and so much more.

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14. Best Kosher: Lazarus Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a CBD oil that’s certified Kosher, then look no further than Lazarus Naturals full-spectrum CBD oil.

This company also strives to make CBD accessible for all. And, as such, they offer up to 60% discount to disabled people, veterans, and individuals from low-income families. They also offer rewards to loyal customers, that you can redeem for discounts against future purchases.

Not only are Lazarus Naturals CBD oils affordable, but they come in a variety of flavours. These include French vanilla mocha, chocolate mint, and a limited-edition Christmas season candy cane flavour.

The strength levels on offer range from 600 mg to 6000 mg. So, there’s everything there for both the beginner and the seasoned CBD user. We recommend starting with a lower dosage if you’re new to taking CBD. However, the Lazarus Naturals website also provides dosages guidelines for users.

Lazarus Naturals has a great deal of experience in the industry and is, therefore, a reputable brand. And their mission to help those less fortunate get the CBD they need to live a better life is commendable.

The Lazarus Naturals full-spectrum CBD oil is an excellent choice for various ailments from acne to pain management and more.

Top 10 CBD Brands We Recommend

Now that we’ve covered the best CBD oils available let’s look at our top 10 favourite CBD brands of all time.

1.  Mary + Wanda

Mary + Wanda is one of Canada’s fast-growing CBD brands and provides a great range of products. These include usual oils, topicals, and gummies. However, they also have lip balms and soaking salts as part of their product offering.

All Mary + Wanda products are full-spectrum CBD products. And their range of topicals includes gels, deep freeze rub, cream, body butter, and tattoo balm. We haven’t seen a range quite like this with many other brands on this list.

Something else that sets Mary + Wanda apart from other brands is that they have a certified herbalist on their team. And the two women who started the company have over 15 years of experience when it comes to CBD.

All of the ingredients used in Mary + Wanda products are 100% natural. You’ll only find additional plant and herb ingredients in these products to enhance the product’s health benefits. They clearly label all ingredients for each product.

2.  Charlotte’s Web

Our favourite CBD brand is Charlotte’s Web. Not only because their humble beginnings brought a little girl and her family hope. But because they take a great deal of care to ensure their products are natural, of a high standard, and effective.

Apart from having one of the best CBD oils on the market, the company also sells high-quality CBD edibles, capsules, and topicals. They also produce a range of ointments, sprays, and creams created explicitly for pain relief. Many of these can help provide a solution for muscle and joint pain and for relief from arthritic pain.

Charlotte’s Web also makes an Athlete Sport Collection, comprising massage oil, ointment, and a pain relief stick. These products are great with helping athletes recover faster and better after strenuous physical exertion.

They even have a CBD range for dogs, including a variety of chews and drops. These are great for assisting dogs with joint pain, skin allergies, and anxiety.

The Charlotte’s Web website contains a wealth of information to assist anyone in starting and maintaining their CBD journey.

2.  CBDistillery

CBDistillery is one of the most prominent CBD companies in the industry. They probably have the broadest range of products. Their primary product types include some of the best CBD oils available, soft gels, capsules, chocolate, gummies, topicals, powders, and drink mixes.

The company offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate variants of almost all their products. In addition, they have CBD oils that contain CBN, CBG, and CBDA. They also have a section on their website for CBD vapes. However, there aren’t any products on offer there yet.

In terms of products for pets, they offer a range of oils and soft chews for improved mental and physical health. These also come in different strengths starting at 150 mg and going up to 2500 mg. However, it seems these products are only for dogs.

What’s nice is that you can shop according to your condition or ailment. This way, you ensure that you only view the products that are relevant to you. All that’s left then is to select your preferred type and strength.

CBDistillery also has a comprehensive CBD User Guide available to download from their website. And the guide has lots of information about everything you need to know about CBD products and how to use them.

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4.  Medterra

If you’ve ever browsed the supplements section of your local 7-Eleven, you’re sure to have seen Medterra CBD products on the shelf. Medterra is likely one of the most recognizable brands in the CBD market and is our third favourite overall.

Their product range includes gummies, oils, capsules, and topicals. And they provide bundled kits for better sleep, enhanced focus, and boost immunity levels. They also give you the option to filter their products by ailment or condition. This is extremely helpful if you’re new to CBD products. and Rolling Stone have both given Medterra their stamp of approval. And their customer reviews confirm that their products are effective and their practices reputable. The products range from CBD isolate to full-spectrum and “ultra-broad-spectrum”.

Of course, they offer a range of products for pets, which is not as broad as some other companies on this list. However, they offer a bag of CBD chews for cats, which is great to see.

The cat chews are for providing a calming effect for cats. And the dog chews are great for promoting joint health in canines. There is also a bottle of CBD Pet Drops oil for pets.

5.  NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals have been around since 2014, making them veterans in the world of CBD. Their products include a range of oils, capsules, and a balm. They also offer an oil for pets. And they sell CBC, CBG, and CBN infused CBD products.

All their products are of the full-spectrum category. And you can choose between 300 mg, 900mg, and 1800 mg strengths across the online store.

The company started with the vision of promoting cannabinoid wellness and helping people live a better life. The founders comprise a group of health-conscious individuals will a passion for plant medicines.

As their products all fall within the category of full-spectrum CBD products, they contain beneficial compounds. These, of course, include terpenes and cannabinoids that aid the CBD in doing its work faster and more effectively.

NuLeaf Naturals offer a subscription service for those who regularly wish to purchase from them. Subscribing will save you 10% on every order.

6. Joy Organics

Joy Organics started with Joy Smith in 2018. And she started the company as a result of her own search for CBD oil to assist with sleep and joint health. Her aim was to produce the best possible organic CBD products allowing others to benefit from the positive effects of CBD.

Their product range comprises soft gels, gummies, oils, and topicals. The company also has CBD bath bombs in its catalogue. They have chews for dogs and an oil and salve for dogs and cats. All these products aim to promote muscle, joint, and skin health in both young and senior dogs and cats.

All Joy Organics products are certified as being organic by the USDA. And their sourcing, production, and transportation methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In fact, transparency, quality, and compassion are high on the Joy Organics list of priorities.

Joy Organics’ commitment to providing their customers with all the information they need is clear. Their website has a section especially for helping people understand what CBD is, how to use it and its benefits. Their lab test results for all their products are also available in this section.

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7. cbdMD

Another heavyweight in the CBD space is cbdMD. The company handles the entire process from growing to production and sales. And their methods are highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. For instance, cbdMD uses processes such as vermicomposting when growing their hemp.

They also employ the carbon dioxide extraction method with eliminates traces of THC. This process also preserves the other beneficial compounds in the plant, such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

All product testing is clearly accessible on the cbdMD website. The company also boasts professional athletes as brand ambassadors. These include professional golfer Bubba Watson and professional skater Chris Cole. Prominent MMA fighters, motocross, and body-building stars are on this list too.

Their range includes oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, drinks, bath bombs, and products for pets. And their bundles include sample and starter kits and kits for dogs. Their products for dogs and cats include a wide range of oils, chews, balm, shampoo, and even peanut butter.

When shopping on their website, you’ll notice that you can select between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. And product strengths range from 300 mg all the way up to 7500 mg.

8. Penguin CBD

Although Penguin CBD is a somewhat prominent brand in the CBD world, they’re actually a pretty new company. In fact, the company was founded in 2019. Some renowned publications such as Forbes and Reader’s Digest have written about them before too.

The company sources its hemp locally from vetted growers based in Oregon. And these plants grow organically, which means they don’t use harmful chemicals and pesticides in the growing process. Eco-friendly, sustainable business practices are also at the top of their list of priorities.

Their products include oils, gummies, creams, and capsules. They also offer treats for dogs and cats and oil for cats. Their gummies are sour worms, and their cream is peppermint lavender fragrance. The oils are available in 4 different flavours.

Customer reviews indicate that Penguin’s products are of high potency. And it seems they have helped many people with pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. All their products fall under the category of broad-spectrum CBD, except for the gummies. These all include CBD isolate in the ingredients.

how to use cbd topicals 3 - mary and wanda

9. Five CBD

This is yet another fledgling brand to the CBD industry, making strides and holding its own amidst a great deal of competition. Five CBD saw its inception in 2020, and they’ve quickly grown to be a trusted producer for many CBD users.

The name “Five” also has a deeper meaning. This is a company that believes in using the entire hemp plant. And they feel it essential to reaping the full benefits of combining THC with CBD and other compounds. Therefore, “Five” indicates the ratio of CBD to other compounds, which is 5:1.

All Five CBD products are full-spectrum products with high potency levels. Products include capsules, oils, vape pens, chocolate, and various gummies. And the ingredients used to produce them are 100% natural.

All the necessary tests and certificates of their products are visible on the website. And the strengths of these products range from 500 mg up to 6000 mg. It’s also important to note that their pricing is very affordable for a premium product.

10. R+R Medicinals

R+R Medicinals is a small company that focuses primarily on quality. Their products are some of the best in terms of potency and quality of ingredients. The company is hands-on when it comes to monitoring growth and production. And their products are certified organic.

They may not have the range of products that many other brands on this list do. But the essentials are there, and their efficacy is top shelf. You’ll find gummies, oils, creams, soft gels, and pet chews.

All are full-spectrum CBD products and contain impressive levels of terpenes and other cannabinoids. This is, of course, what makes their products so effective and popular among CBD users.

You’ll have to contact their customer service team to obtain copies of product, terpene, and contaminants tests. But they are all legitimate and available for anyone who asks. And it’s essential to note that, while the products are of high quality, the prices are very affordable.

Another great thing about R+R Medicinals is that they offer discounts to veterans and subscriptions and referrals. Strengths are as high as 2500 mg for some products. Still, due to the quality of their products, the potency is exceptionally high.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil

When looking for the best CBD oils for your needs, you must double-check specific criteria before purchasing. One needs to be safe and ensure that you’re buying legitimate and effective products.

  1. Make sure that you’re purchasing your CBD oil from a reputable brand.
  2. Check that the results of the company’s product tests are available for you to look at.
  3. Confirm that their products have the proper testing from a reputable third-party laboratory.
  4. Ensure that the dosage information for the product is available online. If you’re unsure, double-check with a medical professional or contact the company’s customer support.
  5. Decide on whether you’d like a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate product. Look at our section above on the different types of CBD for more information.
  6. Ensure that the ingredients used in the oil are all-natural and that there aren’t any chemical components.

Following the above guide will ensure that you narrow your options down to premium quality products. And these will provide you with the best possible results.

It’s best to begin with a lower strength level to see how you react to the CBD and whether it’s effective for you. If effective, it’s best to stick with that strength. However, should you find that the CBD oil is not adequate, it may be worth your while to increase the dosage gradually. This will give you an idea of whether a more potent product will work.

That said, it’s always best to speak to your healthcare provider before you take any CBD products. While CBD is natural, it can still cause adverse effects in some people. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t invoke an allergic reaction or something similar. So, it’s always best to speak to a professional first.

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Best CBD Oil Conclusion

This blog post listed the best CBD oils for different benefits or outcomes. We also examined our top 10 CBD brands for other CBD products. And we hope that this has provided you with enough information to select the best CBD oils for your purposes.

Remember to be safe and ensure that you’ve armed yourself with all the information you need before diving in. Speak to your doctor to ensure a pleasant and beneficial experience. When you’ve found the right CBD oil, you should find the relief you’ve been looking for.

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FAQs about the Best CBD Oil on the Market

What is the best CBD oil?

The best CBD oil on the market is Mary + Wanda’s broad-spectrum CBD oils that come in several flavours.

What is CBD oil for?

CBD oil can be used for a number of health benefits like reducing pain or anxiety and helping you sleep.

How do you use CBD oil?

To use CBD oil, simply drip a drop or two into your mouth and ingest it. Don’t take too much, refer to the recommended dosage on the package.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil comprises CBD extracted from the cannabis plant. This extract combines with an oil that acts as an agent for delivering the CBD. Common oils used for CBD oil are hemp seed oil and coconut oil. These oils are available in various strengths depending on the amount and intensity of CBD extract added. And many CBD oils are now available in different flavours.

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