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People often search for the best CBD for pets. It’s considered the secret to their health and wellness. CBD relieves different health ailments for your pets, including anxiety, chronic pain, and loss of appetite. If you’re looking for the best CBD for pets in Canada, look no further. Discover the best brands to improve your pet’s overall well-being.

As pet owners, we desire to provide the happiest lives to our pets. Like humans, pets can also experience anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. A recent study concluded that CBD oil could help relieve all these symptoms for your pet and offer additional health benefits. The best CBD for pets is made from all-natural hemp extract and pure ingredients.

Picking the best CBD for pets in Canada might seem daunting. This article will discuss the best CBD for pets, their benefits, and what you should consider before buying.

Things to Consider before Purchasing CBD Tinctures for Pets

There are multiple options available in the market for pets. You need to find the safest and best CBD for pets. While the number of options might sound overwhelming, you need to follow the proper guidelines before purchasing.

1.  Type of CBD Tincture

There are different types of CBD tincture available in the market. These range from a full-spectrum to broad-spectrum to isolate. Depending upon your pet’s condition and your vet’s recommendation, you should choose the type that best suits them.

It would be best to choose a tincture for your pet that won’t give them an unnecessarily high. They should be able to reap and enjoy the benefits of CBD. Usually, broad-spectrum and isolates are the best for your pets. However, a few full-spectrum CBD tinctures with trace amounts of THC can also benefit your pet.

2.  Flavours

When selecting a CBD tincture for your pet, you should choose natural flavours. Any artificial flavouring might contain toxic compounds harmful to your pets. Very few pets enjoy the bitter and intense taste of full-spectrum CBD tincture. Like Mary and Wanda, a few brands offer natural flavouring in their oils that might be suitable for your pets.

3.  Third-Party Lab Reports

The best way to determine the authenticity of a brand, its raw materials, and products is to check its lab reports. It would be best to never trust a brand which is not transparent with its customers. By studying third-party lab reports, you can be assured of the quality of products offered by the CBD brand.

best cbd for pets in canada - mary and wanda

4 Best CBD for Pets

When shopping for CBD tinctures for pets, you will find dozens of brands in the market. We have ranked our four recommendations for Canada’s best CBD for pets.

1.  Mary and Wanda

Mary and Wanda offer a variety of CBD products for their customers, including tinctures for your pets. They offer full-spectrum CBD tinctures for your pets, which are bacon flavoured. These oils do not have a high amount of THC, making them perfect for your pets. It also helps relieve pain and anxiety in your pets.

All of the products manufactured by Mary and Wanda contain premium-quality hemp extract. Every ingredient used is sourced locally from and around British Columbia. Mary and Wanda offer the best CBD for pets in Canada.


  • It offers different dosage options for small and large pets.
  • The hemp is homegrown and high-quality, offering socially curated tinctures for pets.
  • All the products are 100% lab tested.
  • The tinctures help reduce pain and anxiety in your pets.


  • Only one dropper size is available.
  • You can contact the customer support team only through web forms.

2.  Honest Botanicals

Honest Botanicals offer one of the best CBD tinctures for your pet. Unlike Mary and Wanda, these tinctures are made of 99% pure CBD isolate. The extracted CBD is then diluted with coconut-derived MCT oil. Honest Botanicals make sure that all their products are made from natural ingredients.

The tinctures offered by Honest Botanicals for your pets contain 0% THC. This ensures that your pet can reap the full benefits of the oil without getting unnecessarily high. The CBD is extracted from local, Canadian-grown hemp, making it non-allergic and non-toxic. It can help your pets relieve arthritis pain or anxiety.


  • It comes in various dosage options, making it suitable for pets of all sizes.
  • It does not contain any THC.
  • The tincture can help your pet with anxiety, arthritis, or pain.


  • Only one flavour of tincture is available to choose from.
  • You might have to pay extra to get it shipped to your location.

3.  Creating Brighter Days

Creating Brighter Days is a CBD company in Canada that offers different CBD products for your pets. They promise to develop and deliver CBD products that are safe and effective for your pets. The full-spectrum CBD tincture offered by the brand includes CBD extract, hemp oil, and coconut-derived MCT oil.

They manufacture 100% natural full-spectrum CBD oil products extracted using the CO2 extraction method. This makes sure that the cannabinoids are not destroyed during the extraction process. However, their products do contain trace amounts of THC.


  • The tincture is suitable for pets suffering from cancer.
  • All of the included ingredients are 100% natural and free from toxins.
  • They offer three different concentrations, suitable for pets of all sizes.


  • The CBD tincture can cause diarrhea.
  • Your pets might get a little high after ingesting the oil.

4.  CBD Magic

CBD Magic is one of the most popular CBD companies in Canada. It offers products for both pets and humans. The company offers a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil for your pets. They are made from all-natural ingredients, including hemp extract, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and bacon oil.

All of the products manufactured by this company are lab tested by third-party companies. They are incredibly transparent with all the ingredients they use in their products. They have uploaded a certificate of analysis and pesticide testing report for all their products.


  • Their full-spectrum CBD oil is best for pets suffering from anxiety and chronic pain.
  • They have the best customer service team.
  • All of their products include a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • Only a single dosage option is available.
best cbd all natural for pets - mary and wanda

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

If your pet suffers from chronic pain or anxiety, then CBD oils can be really helpful to calm them down. Here are a few other benefits your pet can reap from CBD tinctures.

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory substances, making the tincture suitable for pets suffering from inflammation-related issues, including hypersensitivity.
  • When ingested regularly, CBD tinctures can support their immune system and help them fight autoimmune diseases like cancer.
  • CBD tinctures are known to reduce chronic pain in your pets.
  • They regulate the stomach of your pets and relieve any gastrointestinal diseases.
  • CBD tinctures support their cardiovascular and nervous system.

Best CBD for Pets Takeaway

A big reason why CBD oils or tinctures have become popular for pets is its unending list of health benefits. These oils are a natural alternative to allopathic medicines containing harmful chemicals. CBD tinctures are known to calm down your pets and support their immune system.

The best CBD for pets is made of locally sourced hemp, extracted organically. They do not contain any synthetic ingredients. Companies like Mary and Wanda, Creating Brighter Days, and Honest Botanicals manufacture the best CBD for pets.

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FAQs about the Best CBD for Pets

Can You Give CBD Oil to Your Pet?

CBD oils are generally safe for your pets. If you are trying them out for the first time, you should start with a small dosage. If your pet does not have any side effects, you can increase the dosage accordingly.

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Dogs?

Since CBD is now legal in Canada, some vets recommend CBD oil and other products for their pets. They can help you figure out the correct dosage for your pet.

How Much CBD Oil Can You Give Your Pet?

The amount of CBD oil appropriate for your pet depends on their weight and size. Up to 5 mg of CBD oil per 10 pounds is a reasonable estimate to begin with. You can also talk to your vet and determine the correct dosage amount.

Does CBD Calm Pets?

CBD tinctures have calming and relaxation effects for your pets. Whether you are using full-spectrum or isolate CBD oils, they can calm your pet down and relieve their anxiety.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs and Cats?

CBD oils that do not contain THC or the ones that have trace levels of THC are typically safe for pets. You should never give your pets CBD products that are made for humans. Instead, you should choose the ones that are typically made for pets in the recommended dosage amount.

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