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People are always looking for the best CBD tinctures, as they are considered the secret to health and wellness. Since the legalization of Cannabis, CBD tinctures have become quite popular around Canada. Your search for the best CBD tinctures in Canada is over. Discover the best tinctures to aid you with various mental & physical ailments.

Cannabis is an all-natural supplement which is known for its health benefits. CBD tinctures or oil are known for managing symptoms of diseases and disorders, including chronic pain and depression. The best CBD tinctures are made of high-quality hemp, carefully extracted, and thoroughly tested for purity. They are usually made by combining another carrier with the extracted hemp.

Picking the best CBD tincture in Canada might seem like a daunting task. This article will discuss the types, the best CBD tinctures, and how to use one.

Type of CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures are thick liquids that contain CBD. This is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the C. Sativa plant. CBD tinctures are glycerin or alcohol-based solutions.

The manufacturers first soak the cannabis extract in high-proof alcohol. Once done, the soaked cannabis is then diluted in a carrier oil, like coconut, hempseed, or olive oil. Depending upon how the CBD is extracted, these tinctures are labeled as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.

1.  Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

A full-spectrum CBD is also known as a whole plant extract. Its tincture has cannabinoids, including THC, terpenes, and fatty acids naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. None of its compounds are removed when the cannabinoid is extracted and filtered.

2.  Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

A broad-spectrum CBD tincture has all of the compounds found in the cannabis plant except THC. It contains all the vital chemical compounds, and you will likely gain some of the beneficial effects of the entourage effect.

3.  Isolate CBD Tincture

Isolate CBD tincture is also known as pure CBD oil. It only contains CBD and does not contain other compounds like fatty acids, terpenes, or cannabinoids. These isolates are usually sold in crystal or powder form. However, a few manufacturers dilute it by adding a carrier oil.

best cbd tinctures in canada - mary and wanda

4 Best CBD Tinctures

When shopping for CBD tinctures, you will find dozens of brands in the market. We have ranked the four best CBD tinctures in Canada.

1.  Mary and Wanda

Mary and Wanda is a popular Vancouver-based company with its roots in compassion. All of their products are locally sourced in British Columbia. Their CBD tinctures are 100% natural. They believe that everyone should have access to premium, locally sourced natural medicine.

The products offered by Mary and Wanda are 100% lab-tested and provide full-spectrum CBD tinctures. These products include all the compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC. Mary and Wanda offer one of Canada’s potent and best CBD tinctures.


  • The tinctures help reduce pain and offer relief from anxiety disorders and depression symptoms.
  • The products are 100% lab-tested and are locally sourced in British Columbia.
  • They are available in four different strengths to suit your needs.
  • Other CBD products other than full-spectrum tinctures are also available on their website.


  • Only one dropper size is available.
  • You can contact the customer representatives only through the online web form.

2.  CBDNorth

CBDNorth is a popular Canadian brand for CBD tinctures or oils. All the products offered by the company are natural, organic, and highly effective. Most of their customers are pleased with the potency and effectiveness of their CBD products.

The company offers both full-spectrum and isolate CBD tinctures or oils. CBDNorth dilutes its Canadian-grown hemp extract with clean and organic MCT oil, providing a potent blend. The company holds its reputation as one of Canada’s most honest and transparent CBD brands.


  • Full-spectrum CBD tincture is effective and potent for a variety of problems.
  • It offers tinctures with different potencies, bottles, and dosage sizes for your convenience.
  • It provides secure payment options.
  • The customer service offered by CBDNorth is responsive, quick, and helpful.


  • There is no subscription plan available. You have to reorder once every few days.

3.  Resolve CBD

Resolve CBD is another popular Canadian brand, with its headquarters in Toronto. It offers both full-spectrum and isolate tinctures. The products work well in reducing pain and calming down your anxiety.

However, their CBD tinctures are not as potent as Mary and Wanda and CBDNorth. They lack a variety of cannabinoids, and the entourage effect doesn’t come into play with these tinctures. One can find their lab results and other related information on their website.


  • It contains a minimal amount of THC, making them non-psychoactive in nature.
  • CBD tinctures or oils are available in different flavours.
  • ResolveCBD offers you a personalized dosage amount with a three-step quiz on their website.


  • The dosage potencies and dropper sizes are limited.
  • Due to the minimal amount of THC, you will not experience the entourage effect.

4.  CBD Magic

CBD Magic is a well-known Canadian brand specializing in full-spectrum and water-soluble CBD tinctures. It offers one of the most affordable CBD oils on the market. Their tinctures help reduce pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and depressive symptoms.

Their website offers a personalized experience to their customers. Depending on why you require a CBD tincture, the brand would suggest the products you can use. This helps you choose the best full-spectrum CBD oil in just a few minutes.


  • The brand offers a subscription program, so you don’t have to keep reordering on your own.
  • Multiple potency options are available on their website.
  • CBD Magic offers a dosage guide and other useful recommendations.


  • You won’t experience the entourage effect with their full spectrum tinctures.
  • Only one dropper size is available on their website.
  • Their customer service representatives are not available on Saturday and Sunday.
best all natural cbd tinctures - mary and wanda

How to Use CBD Tinctures

When looking for CBD products, tinctures are among the most popular ones. They come with a dropper, and you have to figure out the correct number of drops as per your dosage.

CBD tinctures or oils are amongst the easiest ways to consume CBD. You just have to use the dropper and drop it beneath your tongue. Companies like Mary and Wanda offer one of the best CBD tinctures in various flavours. This means that the oil is not typically bitter.

If you are a beginner, you will have to figure out the exact dosage of your CBD tincture. This depends on various factors, including your body weight, body chemistry, method of use, and why you are taking the oil.

When using the CBD tincture for the first time, starting with a low dosage is best. You can then slowly increase your dosage amount as per your requirement. 1mg of CBD per 20kgs is a reasonable estimate when you’re calculating based on body weight.

Best CBD Tinctures Takeaway

A big reason why CBD tinctures have gained popularity in the last few years is their unending list of health benefits. A natural alternative to synthetic drugs is a good alternative that all scientists and users are looking for.

The best CBD tinctures are extracted 100% naturally and diluted with natural and pure oil. Companies like Mary and Wanda, CBD North, and Resolve CBD offer one of the best CBD tinctures in Canada. They help relieve pain, anxiety, and depression disorders.

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FAQs about the Best CBD Tinctures

What Benefits Does CBD Tincture Have?

Full-spectrum CBD tincture has various health benefits, including the following.
– It helps relieve muscle and joint pain.
– It calms down anxiety and reduces depression symptoms.
– Tinctures reduce inflammation in your body.

Is CBD Tincture the Same as CBD Oil?

Most manufacturers interchangeably use CBD tinctures and CBD oils. The primary difference between a tincture and oil is that the tinctures are alcohol-based products. The plant material is steeped in alcohol and then diluted with oil. On the other hand, CBD oils include CBD extract and carrier oil.

How Does CBD Tincture Work?

When you use a dropper to pour CBD tincture under your tongue, it is absorbed into your bloodstream. The capillaries do this in your cheeks, gums, and under the tongue.
Your digestive system slowly absorbs the CBD tincture. Once it is in your bloodstream, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This helps your body to self-regulate.

Which Type of CBD Is Most Effective?

Of the different CBD oils available in the market, a full-spectrum CBD tincture is the ideal choice for most users. It offers a range of nutrients and other ingredients that work to boost the effectiveness of CBD.

How Long Does CBD Tincture Last in Your System?

Usually, a single dose of CBD tincture can stay in your system for five days. However, for people with a slower metabolism, the tincture can stay in their system for a few weeks.

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